Faith x Corporate Design

Due to the three church congregations Brauweiler, Geyen and Sinthern from Pulheim (near Cologne) were to be merged into one new ecclesia they retained us to develop a new Corporate Design.

Our approach was to constitute all congredations at eye level to support a positive perception of the «forced merging» by extracting similar design elements from three churches. The result is a rather postmodern look at the tradition-steeping insitution of catholic church.
Origin of the Corporporate Design are the entrance doors of the three churches symbolizing the verge from profane to sacred space of the nave. All elements of the visual identity result from a grid exracted from overlaying the door mounting of each church. By filling this grid by random one gets a nearly infinite number of visual constants and signets. In addition to it parishioners can be involved in the design process by giving them the possibility to generate design elements from the grid on their own.
Realized in cooperation with Daniel Hyngar and Jonathan Schäper
Supervising docents: Bernd Draser M.A. and Mario Jahns

Colors and Layout grid
The logo is derived from one of the key element of the catholic liturgy – the host. During the Holy Communion it transmutes into the Body of Christ. Likewise the Signet marks this point of transition. 
The host is abstracted to the shape of a circle. By cutting out the shape from the randomly filled design grid numerous shapes of Logos can be created. Having one central oringin they do not loose the link to the sender. This is what we call «variable invariant».

Visual Constants
The grid is not only a reservoir for signets. It serves for creating visual constants as well. Those function as a main identification medium for internal communication media. It is a melting point of the whole identity concentrating all aspects of the Corporate Design.

Tradition meets modernism. FS Lola connects modern as well as traditional aspects and fits perfectly into the sacral environment of catholic church. Though numbering among dynamic sans serifs Lola features some characteristics: Many Characters own hinted serifs and due to it‘€˜s dynamic stroke one can see the origin in handwriting.
The typographic grid on the letter head forms an imaginary cross. The business equipment marks one of the rare moments where the design grid gets visible to the recipient. Thus the receiver becomes an initiate a part of the community€“ being able to read the cryptical shapes and knowing ther origing. A metaphore for the mystery of faith.

Parish letter and parish news
Parish letter and newsare the most important internal communication media. The former is published three times a year. Similar to a magazine the parish letter compromises contents in the fields of fait, life in the community, culture and caritas as well as dates of Holy Masses. The bi-weekly published parish news capture the aesthetics of a triptych listening the most recent dates.
Parish news

A contemporary religious community has to be attainable via internet. Therefore design principles of the print media were transferred to the digital presence. The site follows the concept of a one pager. All contents are placed on one scollable page. The navigation bar serves as a short cut to the requested realm.

Corporate Fashion
«Clothes make people» as you say in Germany and it seems that no one knows that better than catholic church. One can see the catholic church as inventor of corporate fashion. Reasons enough to consider that in branding the Abteikirchen Pulheim.
Orientation System
The former Benedictine abbey Brauweiler provides a widely known cultural center. Also both other congregations boast a rich history. Thanks to the orientation system and signatures no visitor gets lost in terms of orientation and historical information.

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